Our staff are able to provide advice on first aid kits requirements.


Everything Safety provided a range of workplace complaint kits before purchasing a product, you may wish to visit your state first aid code of practice to ensure that the kits is suitable for your needs as requirements vary from state to state.

Our staff are able to provide advice on first aid kits requirements. However, Everything safety will not be held responsible or liable for the purchases of unsuitable kits. General information regarding first aid kits and workplace first aid risk assessment can be found by visiting safe work Australia.

The quality and reliability of Everything Safety products is the concern of every person in the organisation and not just the sole responsibility of Quality Assurance personnel. The Quality Management system has been designed to conform to ISO 9001 and meet the requirements laid down by the Australian Standards Association.

Please note that at time of writing not all sates have endorsed this  code of practice.

For more detail of purchasing regulation and law can be found from this: https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/law-and-regulation


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