Kit Finder Tool

Everything Safety ensures your first aid kits are compliant with government guidelines and meet your needs. Let's find the right kit for you

Let's find the right kit for you...

It can be a daunting experience selecting the correct First Aid Kit for your workplace. The health and safety of your employees and colleagues is in your hands and it is important that they have the right resources available when they need it. With so many first aid kits on the market it can be really hard to select the right kit.

Select the following filters on the left to help decide what sort of kit you need.

Everything safety is not responsible for any choice or selection made using the first aid safety kit tool.
The safety kit finder tool is designed to assist you with your selection, it is not conclusive, and merely a recommendation based on the filters you have pre-selected.

Filter First Aid Kits by:

State Approval

Industry Type

Remote Area

  • Yes
  • No

Burn Risk

  • Yes
  • No

Number of People

  • 1-25
  • 25-100
  • 100+

Building Levels

Low Risk: Offices/ Retail Shops.
High Risk: Industrial, Construction, Agriculture, Transport, etc.
Amount of First Aid Kits
Emp # Low High
1 to 25 1 1
26 to 50 1 2
51 to 100 2 3
101 to 150 3 4
151 to 200 4 5
201 to 250 5 6
251 to 300 5 7
301 to 350 6 8
351 to 400 6 9