First Aid Kit Essentials in the Workplace

First Aid Kit Essentials in the Workplace

Even with comprehensive workplace safety plans in place, accidents may still happen. Besides steps to prevent unexpected injuries arising at work, well-stocked workplace first aid kits are a key priority for every job site. Below is an overview of the essential components for your first aid kit at work.

Assess your Needs

First of all, it is critical to acknowledge that each job site is unique. Depending on what kind of work is being carried out, every work site will likely have its range of conditions and hazards that can vary every day. It is vital to figure out and evaluate the potential of injuries at your workplace and try to minimise those risks. Once you understand the possible hazards or damages caused by those risks, you will make sure your workplace first aid kit is fully equipped with all the relevant supplies.

First Aid Essentials Checklist

After running the assessment and accounting the hazard level and workplace environment, you should also consider how many employees will use the workplace first aid kits. That way, you can get the right quantities of the critical components in your first aid kits, or even consider getting several kits placed around the work area. 

The essentials that should be in your workplace first aid kit include the following:

  • Dressings – Ideal for applying pressure to wounds to help and stop bleeding
  • Plasters – Used for grazes and small cuts
  • Bandages – Used for supporting joints, putting pressure on a wound, stopping swelling and for holding the dressing in place
  • Pocket masks – These face shields help to avoid infection when giving CPR
  • Disposable gloves – These gloves are used for minimising the potential of infection
  • Adhesive tape – The tape helps hold the dressing or bandage in place
  • Cleansing wipes – Used for cleaning the skin that surrounds the wound
  • Foil blankets – The blankets help people retain their body heat during emergency or survival situations
  • Scissors – The scissors are used for cutting bandages, sticky tape and also a person’s clothing when you want to access the wound

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it contains the fundamental essentials that your workplace first aid kit should have. Also, a regular review of your first aid kits is necessary. That way, you can restock any used-up supplies.

Workplace first aid kits must be kept in readily available areas for quick access during an emergency. Furthermore, having your workers trained or having the basic knowledge of using these kits is critical to ensuring safety at work. You can avoid costly and inconvenient emergency room visits with first aid training.

Key Message

Different workplace environments involve different types of hazards. That means that a first aid kit for construction workers will be a lot different compared to one for office workers. Hence you must customise your first aid kits accordingly based on the kind of work setting.

Other factors that will determine which essentials you add in workplace first aid kits include the workplace size, potential safety, and health risks and the number of workers. It also helps to have a designated employee who manages the first aid processes, including calling emergency services where necessary.