First Aid Kit Essentials in the Workplace

Even with comprehensive workplace safety plans in place, accidents may still happen. Besides steps to prevent unexpected injuries arising at work, well-stocked workplace first aid kits are a key priority for every job site. Below is an overview of the essential components for your first aid kit at work. Assess your Needs First of all, […]

Must-Have First Aid Kit Supplies for Construction Workers

Applying quick first aid at the workplace can make a huge difference in ensuring your employee’s health and safety. This is especially important in work places where workers are exposed to toxic and corrosive materials such as in the construction industry. Adequate supplies and first aid training must be readily available to all workers in […]

Top Reasons You Should Enroll in a First Aid Course

Emergencies can happen at any time. Whether you’re at home, work, or in public, there is always the potential for a severe medical situation, like a stroke, heart attack, or a broken bone. Unfortunately, medical personnel usually can’t respond to these emergencies right away. In these situations, having first aid experience could help you save […]