Must-Have First Aid Kit Supplies for Construction Workers

first aid construction kit

Applying quick first aid at the workplace can make a huge difference in ensuring your employee’s health and safety. This is especially important in work places where workers are exposed to toxic and corrosive materials such as in the construction industry.

Adequate supplies and first aid training must be readily available to all workers in case of emergency, especially when the work environment is high-risk. Workplace first aid kits are all about providing your employees with readily accessible, prompt and hands-on treatment. Below are some of the critical must-have supplies for first aid kits that you will need to have handy on construction sites.

  • A properly-stocked first aid kit for construction workers
  • Proper facilities, like dressing stations or a first aid room
  • A suitable way to transport injured construction employees to the medical aid area
  • An adequate system to keep records of any person who has used the first aid kit
  • Efficient communication systems to all the first aid personnel to quickly for help during an emergency

Here are the must-have supplies that every first aid should have:

  • Adhesive tape or bandage
  • Antiseptic
  • Gel soaked burn dressing
  • Breathing barrier
  • Cold pack
  • Skin or eyewash
  • Face mask
  • Antibiotics
  • Antiseptic
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Splint
  • Scissors
  • Sterile pad
  • Trauma pad
  • Tourniquet

Classify Potential Hazards and Risks

Every construction site is unique with its different set of hazards that depend on the work duties being performed. Thus, part of your firm’s safety process should be identifying, evaluating and mitigating possible risks and hazards at the worksite. Likewise, you should recognise the potential harm that may occur at your site so that you can tailor the first aid for construction workers. That way, you will be more prepared for any accident that may arise in the worksite.

Educate your Workers

It is not enough to have a well-stocked first aid for construction workers, but you should also train your workers in delivering first aid services to those who suffer from injuries. Your workers should know the processes for handling injured colleagues right from the accident up until the rescue services arrive. Also, daily safety meetings should include all the relevant information about where to get the trained first aid personnel and any new increased or new potential of harm that can arise.

Equipping construction workers with the knowledge and tools to deal with these emergency processes:

  • CPR
  • Treatment of fractures and strains
  • Immobilising injured construction workers
  • The ability to handle and transport injured workers
  • Quick assessment and providing first aid for burns, eye injuries, amputations, abrasions, poison, exposure to temperature and musculoskeletal injuries among others
  • Applying slings and dressings where necessary

Takeaway Message

Workplace first aid kits must be continuously evaluated during the construction project and consequently updated if any new risks arise. That is because the conditions at most construction sites tend to change quickly, and it’s necessary to make the needed modifications as required. This is especially critical for construction projects where work conditions change drastically every day.