Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips

The holiday season can be both delightful and stressful simultaneously. There are parties to host, presents to buy, as well as delicious foods to make. Other Aussies may be driving across the interstate to visit friends and families for Christmas.

Even though the holidays are a time for relaxation and celebration, it is also when injuries and accidents can significantly increase. We have compiled a few safety tips below so that you can stay safe during this holiday season whether you will be travelling or at home. 

Be Keen on Barbecue Safety

An Australian holiday is incomplete without a delicious barbecue on a sunny day. If you’re hosting an outdoor barbecue party, place the grill away from bushes and shrubs. You should also check the grill thoroughly before lighting up the fire to guarantee that it doesn’t have any broken parts or gas leaks.

It is also best to keep kids away from the barbecue to avoid accidental injuries. You can even assign responsible older teenagers to watch over the younger ones. Having a fire extinguisher and first aid kit on hand is also recommended.

Stay Alert When Driving

You’ll be likely heading off for a road trip during this holiday season. Before you start driving, plan the trip and figure out the time it will take to reach the destination. Try and be realistic regarding how long you can safely drive per day.

As the journey drags on, your attention may start to wane. Remember to take frequent rest breaks to get refreshed to continue driving. Also, check your phone coverage since some remote parts in Australia are just accessible with satellite phones.

Safeguard your Home from Burglary

If we learnt anything from the world-famous movie ‘Home Alone’ is that  burglars are waiting for people to leave their homes for the holiday season before robbing the place. The reality is that there are more break-ins during the holiday.

So, before heading off, direct your mail and packages to your local post office to avoid piling up on your doorstep. Tell a neighbour to keep watch over your house, and also ensure you securely lock up your home.

Watch out For Bushfires

The risk of bushfires typically intensifies during the summer, as is the case right now in New South Wales. It is an unfortunate event, but you must ensure your house is as ready as possible. Here are a few tips:

  • Trim any overhanging branches around your roof
  • Decrease the dead and dry fuel in your home
  • Keep your grass short
  • Store combustible materials away from the house in an outbuilding like a shed
  • Confirm that your first aid kit has all the necessary supplies to deal with burn injuries

Takeaway Message

Regardless of your holiday plans, remember to always carry sunscreen protection. The Aussie sun is quite intense, and it is best to have a hat on while going outdoors. Also, having a first aid kit with you when going hiking, camping or doing any other activity will help you quickly treat any injuries.